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Male beauty standards might have changed but one thing remains unaltered – it is your penis size that defines your success with women. You may think they get attracted with your charm, intellect and good manners but all these mean little when it comes to satisfying a woman. What really matters is your penis length and thickness. These are only two factors making you a lover women tell their friends about. Penis size directly affects your sex life and thus your self-esteem so no surprise most men dream of a bigger penis with a nice thick girth.

XS_1Female orgasm occurs only when a few areas are stimulated simultaneously which is impossible to achieve with small penis. Those having longer penises can make a woman experience great orgasms without doing much because they easily stimulate all sexual nerve-endings. A larger penis is a guarantee for you and your partner to take pleasure during sex. To generate strong penile erection, certain tissues within the penis should be filled with blood. The size of your erect penis is controlled by corpora cavernosa tissue so it is its health that defines the size of your penis.

Penis enlargement has always been popular. Men used to employ various means to make their penises bigger – the so-called enlargers and other devises as well as injections and surgery. Most devices proved to be ineffective while surgery is painful and very expensive. Then a few decades ago there came a range of penis enlargement pills but a doctor prescription is required to buy most of them. As other pharmaceutical products they may cause side-effects or have no effect at all so the risk of wasting your money is high. Fortunately, now there is an alternative.

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XtraSize is an all-natural food supplement aimed at thickening and lengthening your penis. Its basic ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris – a plant with powerful aphrodisiac qualities strengthening erections and increasing potency in men. It substantially boosts testosterone secretion and helps nitric oxide releasing from nerve endings thus enhancing your erectile function. XtraSize auxiliary components are Maca Root and Saw Palmetto both known for the ability to regulate hormones and enzymes levels, enhance the metabolic rate and work as aphrodisiacs. Other ingredients are amino acid L-Arginine HCl, Pumpkin seed, Panax Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root all improving sexual performance and overall health in men. XtraSize production process is strictly supervised and consistent with all international standards for dietary products and medicines. However, the exact amount of each ingredient within the XtraSize formula is kept in secret so that shady competitors can not develop knockoff products using low-quality ingredients. XtraSize is a unique, original, safe and effective supplement that works.
One pill of XtraSize after breakfast will soon make you have stronger erections and add 1 inch to your penis after just 1 month. After a few weeks of taking XtraSize your love-making will extend and your penis will keep lengthening gradually. After 6 months of using it you will add as much as 3 inches and certain girth to your penis. We suggest you buying 3 packs of XtraSize and take it for 6 months which is enough to add 3 inches of length to your penis along with increasing its girth. The result is guaranteed and will not take long to be noticed by yourself and your happy partner.

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XtraSize has already changed lives of thousands of men making them enjoy their new ability to satisfy women. Now let it change yours. If you are the one unsatisfied with your penis start taking XtraSize to become a man you always wanted to be!


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